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A tool for doing advanced searches in Bible text KJV

PostPosted: 16 May 2015, 15:42
by danw
Hi, I'm looking for a tool that would do complex searches in the KJV text. For instance I'm looking for instances of various tenses of verbs so my search text would be something like: "*ing" with the word "when" near to it in a verse. This would give me an example of the present tense continuous verb.

I would find such a tool extremely useful.

I have completed a work on using the KJV to define its own definitions in the multimedia format with workbooks – about 11 hours of tuition.

I'm currently working on the grammar and punctuation of the KJV with its Early English and Early Modern English Grammar Formats. Such a tool would save me a great deal of time.

Thank you very much for any suggestions or help. By the way I appreciate the work and effort on this particular website. I believe that the KJV Cambridge edition is God's preserved pure word in English. I've even noticed some publishers changing the punctuation marks to suit the various study Bible notes that they wish to publish using gave e.g. text. Grammar changes meaning.

Cheers for now

Re: A tool for doing advanced searches in Bible text KJV

PostPosted: 18 May 2015, 07:14
by bibleprotector
Online Bible software allows that kind of searching, I use SwordSearcher.

Re: A tool for doing advanced searches in Bible text KJV

PostPosted: 19 May 2015, 12:20
by danw
Thank you very much for replying. That is very interesting software. I've downloaded it and running it through its paces, so thanks a lot. I've also been boning up on Regular Expressions and the software from:

Keep up the good work
cheers for now

Re: A tool for doing advanced searches in Bible text KJV

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2016, 13:13
by Helene
There is a new tool I have been using that is wonderful for KJV users, I am so disappointed that many are not keeping with the KJV. I truly believe that in these evil days we need to hold fast to the word of God more than ever. Here is a link it is free to download and there are no adds in this at all and the authors are not trying to sell anything other than the pure word of God :D

[Note: This website makes no money for any of these recommendations or links and the websites are for educational purposes]The opinion expressed here are not to reflect badly on anyone including myself.

On a more serious note, that is what enable me to come here and do further research. I am questioning everything that I have been taught, including the word of God, and this helped me a lot. The word of God the KJV is the only thing that is not changing for the worse, everything else is, and the more I study the Word, the more I see the literal Word, transform before my eyes. The Bible is alive and well praise God !!!

I use 2 tools for all my computer needs with the Word of God however, I still do check with my pen and paper,[good old fashioned way] it helps with memorizing the Word by writing it down,I hope this wasn't too long a read, here are the 2 links: KJV only compare what they have remmoved from the KJV