Most PCE are incorrect?

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Most PCE are incorrect?

Postby jtank » 24 Jan 2016, 02:36

So I have been reading and researching and found out there are a bunch of changes to the KJV Bible, minor changes to some, but changes non the less. I have seen tests you can use to see if your Bible is PCE or not but some of the tests are wrong about 1 John 5:8 regarding the Spirit vs. spirit. I found this letter from LCBP dated June 03, 1985 regarding 1 John 5:8 http://www.localchurchbiblepublishers.c ... Letter.pdf, and I take it that Spirit is supposed to be capitalized. I then looked up the verse in my copy of the original 1611 AKJV Bible and verified that it also has a capitalized Spirit. So far the best I have found is from LCBP though I have found that at least one of their Bibles I purchased fails in the capitalization of Spirit in 1 John 5:8, found here ... ble-black/.

God said that he would preserve his word so my question is where is it? If God said it, which he did, it is his job to post the rules and keep them. Some say the preserved word is only in the original manuscripts but we do not have them if any today. So where is the preserved word of God?
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PCE is correct

Postby bibleprotector » 25 Jan 2016, 14:04

The word "spirit" in 1 John 5:8 is NOT supposed to capitalised.

If you have a look through this website, you will see that these things are all addressed.

The fact is that Cambridge Bibles since they first were printing them (1629) had "spirit" lowercase at 1 John 5:8, though the earliest edition I have seen is from 1637. Then, in 1985, CUP decided to change to a capital "Spirit". And while in 1611 it was printed "Spirit" too, you will find that the 1611 Edition has a lot of variations in spelling, punctuation and capital letters.

There's plenty of evidence and reasons why it should be lowercase.

Now, to your question, "God said that he would preserve his word so my question is where is it?"

As anyone would know, there was no perfect copy of the Bible for many centuries before the KJB. And the KJB is perfect. But the perfection we are talking about is in text/readings and translation.

Preservation of God's Word does not mean that we should have had a letter perfect Bible for all of history, because we haven't. But in this time, we do have precision, even to the jot and tittle.

The preserved Word of God has gone through a process of scattering and gathering. We have it in the KJB.

There are five levels to look at:

1. Scripture. Scripture itself is perfect. There are many copies of this.

2. Version/readings/text. The autographs had this perfectly, and so does the KJB (from 1611). The advantage of the KJB is that it has all the Canon together in one volume.

3. Translation. The KJB has this exactly in English, from 1611.

4. Edition. The Pure Cambridge Edition has all the correct editorial decisions. It is on this level where the 1 John 5:8 issue exists. Bible preservation already starts from point number 1 in this list.

5. Setting forth/exemplary form. The PCE electronic text, as on my website, is free from every errata. After all, a good printer could still accidently skip a comma or something, but with rigorous human and computer checking and cross-checking, we have an electronic file which is precisely exact.

Finally, there are no PCEs with a capital word "Spirit" at 1 John 5:8, for to have it so would mean that it is not a PCE.
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