Modernists are not the same as Reformers

Those against the perfection of the KJB claim that modernists are using the same Reformation principles today. But are they?

THEN: Erasmus and the Reformers went to the Greek at hand.
NOW: Modernists dredge up manuscripts by concerted effort and focus onto the Middle and Near East areas.

THEN: The Protestants actually believed that God’s word was fully available.
NOW: Modernists are perpetually altering their work because they do not believe that the word of God is able to be fully, certainly known at every last point today.

THEN: They translated into English, which then culminated in “one more exact translation”.
NOW: They keep on translating, year by year, into English.

THEN: They said that an English translation was fully the word of God, able to comfort and resolve doctrinal issues.
NOW: They say that the real word of God was there only when first inspired, and today all things must be judged ultimately based upon the original languages.

And on and on, so don’t be fooled with the idea that the modernists are just the same as the Reformers. The modernists have foundationally departed wildly from the Protestant tradition.

PrĀ 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.