Greek is bowing to English

In the computer age, English is the standard, and Greek not. One evidence for this is the fact that the diacritic symbols required for Greek are more complex than the standard English (i.e. US) (i.e. Latin character) keyboard, and are down deep in the unicode set for font characters/symbols. Even if a font were to substitute the normal alphabet for Greek, the two different symbols used for “s” cannot both be used, “σ” (sigma) and “ς” (stigma).

The fact is Greek is not more holy, nor is Greek more conversant than English. It was a Reformation principle to bring the Scripture from Greek to English. It’s in English now.

All those Christian materials that are being made that say, “now the Greek word at this place is ____ and that means _____ and _____ or ______” are really needless statements, especially considering that the Scripture already has been translated from Greek since the Reformation, makes sense, and has served the Church for centuries. This “I know Greek” attitude seems akin to the Mediaeval pride of knowing Latin. The Protestant Church needs to get this issue fixed up, otherwise the Russians will say, “We know Greek better than you, your understanding and interpretation is wrong”, and many be sword-cut, flamed, captivated and spoiled.

Despite the efforts of Greek immigrants, the succeeding generations are no longer retaining the use of Greek. This progressively strengthens the argument that English can be used in preaching to them.