Bible Revisionist MKO shocked about PCE

A Bible Revisionist (who attempted to alter the King James Bible throughout) known as “MKO” has posted on a viciously anti-King James Bible only forum that he is surprised how much the PCE has been accepted. Of course he and his friends cannot refrain from making all kinds of false accusations, including trying to link the PCE with Mormonism and even suggesting that we are one step away from saying that certain type-fonts are authentic. It seems that this “MKO” spent years trying to make his revision, which is, of course, unacceptable (and is languishing in obscurity).

Instead of staying with the time-honoured and accepted standards of King James Bible words, spelling and punctuation, he fiddled here and there, even using the Tomson Version as a reference to make changes!

“Although based predominantly on the original 1611 text with ye olde englysshe spellynge, the punctuation and spelling are both thoroughly modernized to 2008/2015 standards, which differentiates this edition from versions which are modernized to 1769 standards (as most current editions are). I understand some people will absolutely fault me for this choice, as well as for some of the editorial decisions I made; all the decisions I made were made to the best of my ability and knowledge, although some may say I took some liberty with the text.”

The warning here is: “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” (Proverbs 22:28). That’s why we need to stick with the Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible.