A real lack of discernment

I was invited to join a new “Hillsong Exposed” style group on facebook. I declined.

One thing that these folks accuse Hillsong of is preaching a “Corrupt health and wealth prosperity gospel”.

The problem is that these detractors of Hillsong do not discern the difference between a corrupt message and the true message. In fact, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater on these matters.

So, I declined to join the group because the same person who invited me to join also admits to rejecting the doctrine of tithing, who teaches that “giftings, callings, and anointings are non existent.” This fellow also has changed the KJB, and promotes a new Textus Receptus English translation.

But even worse, the same guy who wants to attack Hillsong, said this about the following video, “I agree with much of what he says about the focus upon Muslims.” That indicates a real lack of discernment, that he is willing to justify the position of the Muslim man being interviewed, a man who was actually attempting to justify our enemies!