Modernism is anti-Protestant tradition

Some modern version supporters claim that they need to know the Middle Eastern culture in order to understand the Bible, and in such a way which differs to traditional Protestant interpretations.

Instead of believing the Bible “as is”, the dangerous trend of trying to “contextualise” it to ancient near eastern culture is a tool of modernists to explain away and keep the Bible from being able to communicate to today properly by the providence of God.

God is actually smart. He can have something written by the hand of Moses which speaks to every generation without these convoluted (claimed “hundreds”) examples of this kind of scripture twisting and wresting.

They claim that not knowing the original culture lessens one’s ability to understand the Scripture.

But the truth is that the Holy Ghost knows, and that’s Who we have. Also we have the Scripture in English, which is a Reformation principle.

They claim that the Western mind cannot fully capture the Eastern heartbeat of the world Jesus lived in.

But the truth is that their view allows Satan to then argue that we don’t understand the Gospel either. It also leads to things like Hebrew Roots, etc. What secrets do the Arabs and Jews hold that we Protestants must come to them for insight?

They think that going to Rabbinical tradition and modernistic research into those times is helpful. But why do they go to that which is so anti-Christian? Why go to those sources for truth, when the Holy Ghost is with us? It is always suspicious when someone is arguing basically to ditch the Reformation and Reformation thinking, because now we have to go back to the Jews/Arabs to understand properly.

They tread the dangerous path that says that the real meaning of Scripture was understood in early centuries, but that Western Christianity, INCLUDING PROTESTANTISM, has lost it, and it has only been recovered by modern scholarship and those of Middle Eastern background (a sort of self-proclaimed cultural elite).

The new modern day reading in of ideas onto the Bible milieu is a distraction from the real message of the Scripture.

It is very important to note, that believing and Christianity and all things are PRESENT TENSE things, that is, we believe now, we have the Bible now, etc. The modernist view is a past tense proposition, it is an inquiry of “what did early century people understand?”, like as if modern men are now just discovering “the real first century gospel”.

I can imagine it, a documentary with a deep voice saying, “For centuries, Christians believed the Bible as written, but now, thanks to modern scholarship and scientific-based cultural insights into the time when Christ lived, we now have uncovered the real Gospel. … What did the original audience really hear when Jesus said, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand?”

They are really presenting Church history as if it is a conspiracy theory: This is a vile doctrine, that the Reformers inherited the wrong view, and that we must now bow to re-emergent wisdom of Jews and Arabs (who generally deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ) and they are going to teach us how to really understand the Bible.