Modern versionists admit their view not from Scripture

Sometimes there is “debate” between people like myself, who uphold that the King James Bible is perfect, and others, who deny this, but who support modern versions as superior.

One of them said about me:

“Matthew’s approach is complex, deeply thought through, and clearly he has spent a lot of time on it. But the one thing he cannot show, apart from torturing some verses into submission, is that his claims are actually taught by the bible. Could Matthew’s view be correct? Of course. But let’s not kid ourselves… His view is not correct because it’s somehow in the bible. I prefer to base my doctrine on the bible, and not on one man’s opinion.”

I have asked him and his fellow modern version users what is the Scriptural and Bible-doctrinal basis for their view of transmission.

Another modern version supporter (who in practice is very much against the King James Bible) told me:

“That’s because Scripture says nothing about transmission. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nadda. Nor should we expect it to. It only asserts that heaven and earth will pass away, but ‘my words will never pass away.’ Big difference.”

I replied: “So, all this time mocking KJBO, yet you have NO Scripture. You openly say that it says NOTHING about transmission?!?!? So, where do you derive your views on transmission then, if not from Scripture? Oh, yes, the influence of Enlightenment philosophy.”

I wonder what basis of certainty they have from the Bible for their position, since they admit to have no Scripture-based doctrine for their position.

The first one then wrote, “And when the bible is silent on a non critical topic, have no fear.”

If the Bible is silent, where is the source for their position? What is the source of the modern version view (of transmission) since they say the Bible is silent. They have a view, but where is it from? Of course, we know it is from the influence of Enlightenment philosophy.

He then wrote, “If the bible is silent on a topic, it is unimportant. Our position is simply this… The bible is silent on the version issue, so it is unimportant.”

My replies: “If the Bible is silent, what then is the source and foundation of the view and position held by modern versionists in regard to transmission.

“You are admitting that the Scripture is not the source of the view. What then is the basis of that view? Why deny it any longer, it is historically evident that modern versions came about and are developed by the influence of Enlightenment philosophy, also known as modern infidelity.”