Australians are saying “no” to Islam

Australians are saying “no” to Islam. But saying “no” is not enough, without a proper basis for a counteractive idea. A person can use secularist and humanist principles to say “no” to Islam, but those ideas do not provide a real solution.

There have been calls to “reform” Islam (from a secularist basis). The best attack that secularism has against Islam is to attack the Koran. Here’s how:

1. There are different ante-Uthmanic versions of the Koran.
2. These were suppressed by Uthman, whose own edited standard version has had various textual variations.
3. The printing of the Koran in the 20th century required the editing of a standard text.

Secondly, secularist scholarship can then introduce questions about translation, and about interpretation. Thus, the secularist has the means of undermining Mohammedanism, and can make emotional pleas about how women are treated or how repressive Muslim society is.

The problem is that the secularist does not have a viable alternative that can either change the heart properly, or bring in true peace. The real solution is to have viable and properly taught Christianity as a witness, to convert people into the Biblical religion.