“Cultures are not all equal,” says former Australian PM

The civilising influence of Christianity is quite different to the backwardness and brutality that exists within certain Islamic circles.

Just as there is a true form of Christianity, so is there a true evil face of Islam. That is, when Christianity is taken to its ultimate form, there is peace, Reformation, prosperity, healing, respect and holiness. But when Islam is taken to its ultimate form, we see what destruction it brings.

Former Australian PM, Tony Abbott, wrote an opinion piece stating, “Cultures are not all equal. We should be ready to proclaim the clear superiority of our culture to one that justifies killing people in the name of God.”

Of course, the “god” of Islam, Allah, is nothing like the Christian God.

So the solution that the right-leaning secularists or conservative Roman Catholics (and too many Protestants) give is untenable. They say, with Abbott, that Islam needs some sort of religious Reformation, and worse, that this would lead to acceptance of a separation of Church and state, and pluralism.

Let’s agree that this view is superior to those of the communist side of politics.

But the solution for Islam is not any Reformation but this: “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth” (Phil. 2:10).

Again, the solution for Islamic violence is not secularism. While secularism has done a lot to pacify religions, including Roman Catholicism, the ultimate solution must be another religion. Ideas must be fought with ideas, but the ideas of secularism are not positive.

There must be a proper union of proper Protestant Christianity with the state. This is the best historical model, no matter what time of history we examine, such as, the fourth century Roman Empire, the English Reformation, Cromwell’s Protectorate, Pitt’s Britain or pre-1960s USA.

We should have a patriotic toward our country, we should have an execeptionalist view toward the civilising effects of Christianity within our national culture.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/the-religion-of-islam-must-reform/story-fni0cwl5-1227638212523