attacks Protestantism

According to Russian Eurasianist geopolitical articles from, Protestantism is somehow the “real” enemy of Russia. This is highlighted in an article called “The Crusade Against Us” by A. Dugin and “The Christian Right” by G. Krupey dated 16 May 2018.

This will examined and countered by a Protestant view which views multiple fulfilments of Bible prophecy and is by nature divine interventionist, geopolitical, ideological and providentialist as presented on by M. Verschuur. argues that Liberalism as backed by America is not mere pluralism, but a tyrannical ideology. argues that the pervading ideology manifest in Liberalism is Infidelity, and that Infidelity is of spiritual antichrist. claims that Liberalism has a hidden layer or basis, one which is theological and religious, that is, Protestant eschatology. But says that this is incorrect. Infidelity and Liberalism, which is the basis of the infidelity of the Enlightenment and Modernism, is actually based on the work of Catholics, Jews, Deists, Freemasons and apostate Protestants. One can therefore not justly accuse Protestantism itself of being responsible, though apostate Protestants, ones who departed from Protestant traditions, are highly culpable.

“They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” (1 John 2:19).

In line with the traditional adversity between the English-speaking West and Russia, it is certainly “natural” that both sides call each other antichrist. says that the Infidelity in the West is indeed the work of spiritual antichrist, which is manifesting through the ideologies upheld by the United Nations, etc., while also identifying in Russia, the work of an Eastern Antichrist of Hellenistic origins.

There is indeed a conflict between Orthodox Christianity, which Protestantism draws upon and was indeed a Reform to, versus Protestantism which the Orthodox would see as departing from old traditions. points out that the Protestant view of Dispensationalism has through its entire history been against Russia. Dispensationalism says that God has been dealing with the Gentile Church differently to the Jews, who are to be a special Kingdom that will restore a kind of end times Messianic Judaism on the Earth. Dispensationalism says that God has dealt with people different at different times, and in the near future Russia (Magog) will invade Israel and around that time (before or after) the Christians will be taken up to Heaven in the rapture. Then for seven years there will be tribulation and the rule of an Antichrist on the Earth, and then the Battle of Armageddon, after which Jesus will come to rule the Earth. is not Dispensationalist, but follows a tradition Protestant view, that the Jews need to be converted as much as any nation, and that the Russian (Magog) invasion of Israel is entirely different to the end times scenario leading to Armageddon which has been over embellished by Dispensationalists.

This is where is highly mistaken. It claims that Dispensationalism teaches that the Anglo-Saxons are the lost ten tribes of Israel and that the “millennial kingdom” will be American-based. In fact, most Dispensationalists do not teach that, and those few people who do teach that are anti-Dispensationalist. Besides all this, does not teach that either.

This leads to the rhetoric we find on as follows:

“If you think that censoring books, records and movies, outlawing abortion and non-procreative sexuality are the worst that the politicians and preachers of the Christian Right have in store for you, think again. Seeing themselves as outnumbered by the wicked forces of ‘godless secular humanism,’ Christian fundamentalists and dispensationalists are convinced that the Last Days prior to the Apocalypse — the final earth-shattering war that will precede the Second Coming of Christ — are here now. Impatient for heaven, they would speed up the process whereby their Savior will return for them in glory. To this end, the are exerting and manipulating their considerable influence in both the US and Israeli governments, in order that they bring about the conditions favourable to biblical fulfilment of Armageddon.

“Could anything sound more insane? Is it actually possible that these no-necked bible thumpers want to trigger the nuclear destruction of Earth and all life upon it? Why would people who so self-righteously pride themselves on their goodness revel in the thought of mass death on such an incredible scale? And can they possibly succeed?”

The fact is that most Dispensationalists are not half as repressive, nor “Old Testament-style” as this kind of Russian rhetoric makes out, and because Dispensationalists have an entirely negative pessimistic view of events requiring their being rescued from troubles by being translated up to Heaven, they are seeing themselves as the victims of Satan’s work, and are hardly exerting any power to stop the negative moral decline of society, let alone to truly stop their enemies with the “nuclear option”, but are therefore awaiting the return of Christ to be the Balm of Gilead for all their problems.

However, not all Protestants have that kind of defeatist view. has a vastly different view about the prophetic timeline and about God’s providence in history. has not only mischaracterised Dispensationalism in ascribing wrong beliefs to it, but has also presented the case as if this controls Protestantism. More accurately, the Russians fear this kind of influence in the American military, which drives it to blasphemous accusations:

“It is an ancient belief of black magic that manifesting the presence of the deity required sacrifice of human victims. It was also believed that the life energy of the victims would increase the potency and longevity of the sorcerer. A mass sacrifice might even confer enough life energy to make the sorcerer immortal. Could this be the real reason among the inner circles of the Christian Right, that the Penteholocaust, the sacrificial burning of the earth, will invoke Christ the Vampire and render His disciples immortal?”

The true prophetic promises of Scripture show how infidel Liberalism is to be destroyed, and it is to be destroyed by the fall of Gog, because only the fall of a great and otherwise unstoppable Russian threat would prove to the atheists, Catholics, Jews and soft-minded Protestants that there is a true Gospel after all.

“And I will set my glory among the heathen, and all the heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them. So the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God from that day and forward.” (Ezekiel 39:21, 22).